I just finished reading the Philip K Dick masterpiece, Ubik. I was so enamoured by it that I thought I should write a small pseudo review in form of the advertisements for Ubik that appear at the beginning of every chapter of the book. So here goes:


Are you bored of everyday life? Do you constantly crave excitement and out of this world experiences? Then Ubik is for you! This specially formulated novel, by the PKD consortium is sure to set you on the right path with so much Find-Muck (for those of you unacquainted with the term, interchange the F and M) that you will feel the incessant need to slap yourself and question your existence! It perfectly blurs the thin line between life and the afterlife, and leaves you yearning more. But be warned, expedited completion of this book is sure to exhaust your common sensibilities and may result in disintegration of your brain before you can get a handle on what this book entails.  Metaphysical awesomeness with a dash of futuristic life thrown in for good measure. You are Ubik and Ubik is you. Enjoy!