Cool Drink Bro (Updated:1!)

Getit? It’s a pun on what fizzy/aerated drinks are called in India.

Lately I have started taking pictures of interestingly designed or named beer cans or bottles in America. I don’t drink but the place I work at has a very open drink culture, especially on Fridays or after 5 p.m. so I get to see a lot of cool designs. I find it fascinating as the independent breweries not only put effort into brewing something different and offbeat (how much of the taste and feel is actually different, I can’t comment but that’s not the point :P), but try to create a work of art so that the container for the beverage stands out and really catches your eye. When one goes into a store, most likely the first thing that catches your eye is the way it looks. It’s one thing to be good and something else to look good. With regard to alcohol, craft beer especially, it depends on how much effort the company puts into word-of-mouth advertising as they can’t afford the full fledged advertising larger companies can do. So after word of mouth, it’s generally the beer snob or hophead who’s interested in trying new or interesting beer who will pick it up.

More info about craft beer here:

And a rant about beer snobbishness:

Also, I may be completely wrong in how the beer industry works, but I’m just describing my offhand observations here!

Advertising plays an important part here, and the more creative it is, the more it catches my attention. I guess this can be considered as a form of guerrilla advertising? (more BS probably cause I know zilch about how it actually works)

So without further adieu, here’s a list of cool beer. I’ll be updating the list as and when I find more 🙂

Monday Night Brewery has some of the most consistently interesting names, along with the name of the brewery itself:


Brew Free or Die IPA, from 21st Amendment Brewery, is the best one I’ve seen yet:



Napolean Complex deserves a front and a back view:


Pompeii has truly volcanic bottle art:



Orpheus hoped you’d get drunk on their brew, see the art on the can and get completely findmucked:


Even the description makes you re-evaluate your existence!

I like this one just for the disclaimer:


Link: (couldn’t find the exact one though :/ )

A pissed off bunny is the best kind of bunny. I feel that bunnies generally embody too much cheerfulness and that doesn’t really represent actual behavior as everyone has an off day. Even a hopping-mad rabbit. (see what I did there? 😛 )



Some more offbeat ones:


More to come !


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