Maker Faire Atlanta Photo Epic

Wiki definition: Maker Faire is an event created by Make magazine to “celebrate arts, crafts, engineering, science projects and the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) mindset”.

Maker Faire came to Atlanta. So obviously I had to go and pay my homage to the local temple of Making and make a pilgrimage to this holy event. So here is the Maker Faire Atlanta photo epic.


The second 3D printer I’ve ever laid eyes on: The MakerBot Replicator 2 (


The good folks of Brooklyn Aerodrome were showing off their wares and flying their DIY RC flying wing (


There was a Robot Wars event going on, but our arrival was ill-timed.  We could only get a glimpse of this mean-looking, chainsaw-wielding bot.


A homemade flight sim with a full pan-tilt force feedback system.


An Intel Galileo board was hooked up to a camera to display its processing capabilities by running a motion sensing program. Ninja monkey not included with standard board.


The Intel Galileo board in all its blurry glory. (


The Intel Edison’s tagline should be taken as taunt to Makers everywhere: What will YOU make? (


Big Blue Saw had on display a variety of objects, such as the gear above, that their water jet was capable of cutting out. (


The Hydrogen Alpha Scope used for viewing the Sun’s prominences i.e.  Solar flares. The feeling you get while looking at these tiny tendrils snaking from the sun and arcing back to its surface makes us realize how insignificant we puny humans are in the larger scheme of things! (


The Decatur High School robotics team had brought a boat load of different robots including the one above, and the frisbee firing robot below.



This beat-up looking Parrot drone made numerous attempts to fly but the wind turned up and flipped it to kingdom come.


The team also showed of their 3DR Octacopter. With a GoPro and Tarot Gimbal hanging off of it’s underside. If 3DR accepted kidneys as payment, I would have two of these by now! (


Weird looking steampunk flying saucer thingy. (


GeogiaTech Robojackets had this loaded bot. With a professional LIDAR on the front, it looked like it could navigate to hell and back.


Vintage oscilloscope goodness.


I. Am. Floraman! This was a dance performance garment made by the GT Interactive Product Design Lab ( ,


Randomness tends to prevail at times, when I have access to a camera.


MASS Collective with their FT22 raptor. (


This guy was making surprisingly good music, considering he had a TV as head and aging CRTs tend to misfire 😛

_TAN1242 – Stare into the sun


You lookin’ at me? Ultrasonic sensor on a pan-tilt turret. What it was used for? No idea.


Hyrel rep at booth: Wouldn’t it be awesome if this could print alu gobi?

Me: <mind blown> (


My apologies for the bad picture. This was one of two human powered submarines on display (


Super realistic War Machine mask.


If you know what this is, I hope you too are cursing Valve for delaying Half-Life 3 (


A sweet old lady was sitting at the booth where this was and explaining the nuances of getting more speed out of it by adding bigger batteries 😛


A silicon wafer etched at Georgia Tech’s very own Nanotechnology Department.


This kid was boinking people on the head with a water bottle and an industrial looking robotic arm. KIds these days.


Neat looking mechanical clock which, believe it or not, was hand crafted. The GT Invention studio was also showing its prowess in 3D printing at the booth. Free access to 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC machines and a whole load more. It’s like DIsneyland! For makers. (


Leaf blower kiddy hovercraft. Smiles for miles…… er radians.


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