What the gell! (damn this crappy moto T9)

So, finally I start a blog, after all those days of procrastination.

But why ‘What the gell’?

Well, when I first wanted to write a blog, I searched high and low for a title. All the good ones like ‘Life, the Universe, and Everything’, ‘Number 42’, ‘Infinite Improbability’ and many others I thought of were already taken. So I just gave up and told myself that I’ll start a blog when I get a name that’s not taken.

After two years of owning the crappiest phone in this Android dominated age of smartphones and the like, it dawned on me that my most used phrase while messaging could be the one. ‘What the gell’ is basically ‘What the hell’ but the stupid T9 on my retarded phone interprets it as the former when I’m going full flow and typing at warp speed. I would be in such a hurry that I wouldn’t check what i typed and most probably would have sent that as a reply to many a message. People often ask me what it meant and I wouldn’t be able to reply until i checked what I had typed. Pretty soon I stopped caring and now, every message containing the phrase gets sent off as ‘What the gell!’. Most of the recipients understand what I mean ( I hope…..) .

I know its a crappy title but  to gell hell with it, atleast its unique.

To Infinity and Beyond!

– Buzz Lightyear

ps: will travelling to infinity and coming back to where you started mean that you travelled a distance of 2*Infinity ?

(Hell ,even I think this is a boring post…………… if you don’t fall sleep and come back again…….. maybe the next post will be more your cup of tea :P)


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